The free services hotline:0577-67317237
The free services hotline:0577-67317237
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    The name of the company:Hyfluxk8Co., LTD

    Address:Zhejiang ruian pond town under the small mountain village along the south road

    The phone:0577-66082737


    Technology:13868823191(Liu Gong)


    The sales department:

    The phone:0577-67317237


    Contacts:Sun Weixin


    A mobile phone:13567762561


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Hyfluxk8Co., LTD is located in the beautiful coast of the southern scenery:Ruian pond town,Is the concentrated development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales for the integration of joint-stock enterprises,The main products have glasses valve production、Sewage valve、Butterfly valve、Valve material、Radiation valve、Ball valve、Blast furnace gas valve、Electric power special valve、Petrochemical special valve complete and special non-standard valve etc10Broad categories;Products are widely used in oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Building materials、The municipal environmental protection、Pharmaceutical、Electric power and other industries。
Company advanced production equipment、Detection equipment is complete,Have from the raw materials、Blank、Coin welding production、Finish machining、Assembly and anti-corrosion、Performance testing to the product in addition to the company all the comprehensive production capacity。The company has always been to quality as the main line,In strict accordance with international standards and enterprise standards to guide the production,In the industry,With good credit and reputation。
Companies from the ninth to create attaches great importance to product technology、The quality and after-sales service。Based on“The high quality product,The first-class service,First-class management,The first-class team,Strictly control the product quality,Not biggest but the best”。We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life、Guidance、Negotiation and technical communication。We all staff will be full of enthusiasm,Sincerely look forward to the elite from all walks of life to join and cooperation,To create a better future together。

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